Road ID -- it's a game changer!

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

Not long ago, my riding partner and I were making a short 15 mile bike trip. About halfway through, while riding single file on a nice wide road, my riding partner was struck by an SUV doing at least 30mph. She was sent flying into me. She was awake, but not coherent enough to help herself. I called 911 and did my best to help.She was taken to a Level 1 Trauma center in Baltimore and later released that day to her doctor's care. She had no broken bones, nothing life threatening, but some incredible bruises and road rash.

While on the way home, I noticed my Road ID, which is ALWAYS on my left wrist. My wife asked if my riding buddy has a Road ID. I told her I did not know. She then said, "Well, it was a good thing you were there then.” She was right. Had I not been there to give the first responders critical information, the delay in her treatment may have been a game changer!Who will speak for you if you cannot? I don’t know if she has a Road ID but as soon as she heals and gets a new bike, I will definitely buy her one as a gift.

Thank you for Road ID – it’s a game changer.

- Michael .K from Edgewood, MD