I heard the EMTs access my emergency profile

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Well, that moment we "road bikers" dread, happened to me on Saturday. To make a long story short, my back wheel got caught in a railroad track as I was crossing it at 18 mph, and...you can guess what happened next.  After that, I regained awareness only twice- once in the ambulance for a few minutes, then later in the ER.  I was alone when I crashed, and had no idea how I got there.  I do recall- while in the ambulance- hearing the paramedic dialing the number on my Road ID wrist band and hearing the automated information being played. (The paramedic had it on speaker phone).

As I mentioned, I was by myself, yet hearing my personal information gave me great comfort. The automated voice actually seemed like a family member was with me, giving all my personal information to the paramedic.  Although it would later be discovered that I had a severe concussion and was unconscious for several hours, I still recall hearing my name, address, insurance information, blood type etc. which allowed me to 'stay awake' so to speak, and have the belief that everything was going to be ok. I was not scared.

I learned later, the sudden impact to my head cracked my helmet in two, and I skidded along the tracks in gravel for about 30 feet.  As a result of me wearing the Road ID wrist band, the paramedics called me by name and were able to contact my wife who met me at the hospital.

I had never carried emergency information on me before I got my Road ID.  Like many, I thought it would never happen to me.  To this very moment I cannot recall the accident, only the feeling of the impact of my head hitting the ground.  Yet I can recall in detail the above mentioned information and events.  Things could have been worse; I will be ok, nothing very serious. I hope to be riding again soon.  I will never ever leave my home without my family member, my Road ID.  Take care and God bless.

- Patrick .M from Lockport, NY