My Road ID got me immediate treatment

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I am a professional duathlete living in the western suburbs of Chicago.  I was out on a training ride, going about 20 mph through a neighborhood that is known to be "cyclist friendly".  Suddenly a driver – on a cell phone – backed right out of a parking space in front of me.  I hit the back of the SUV and proceeded to bounce off the pavement approximately 20 feet.  I laid there in tremendous pain, and unable to move.

Bystanders immediately came to my aid, and were asking me who they could call (aside from 911).  Although I did not lose consciousness, I was in tremendous pain, unable to move and gasping for air.  I pointed to my 'dog tag' Road ID and they were able to contact my girlfriend and my family.  The gentleman who used my Road ID to contact my family gave it to the paramedics who arrived on the scene, and they used it to note my medication allergies, as well as all my contact info.

As a result of 3 broken ribs, and a broken right clavicle, I had a tough time breathing on the way to the hospital, and began hyperventilating.  The ER staff gave me Oxygen, and the again used my Road ID to get my emergency info, allowing me to catch my breath and start treatment without delay. Thank you Road ID!

Update: I had surgery about 2 weeks ago to repair the right clavicle, and am healing well.  I am truly thankful for my Road ID. I believe it helped save my life. I will always have my Road ID on me, when I'm able to get back out to ride and run.

- Guy .P from Westmont, IL