She Has a ROAD iD. I Need to Get One of Those!

I was recently out for a ride on a brisk Saturday morning with four people that I regularly ride with. On our way back, I hit a rut in the road and flew over my handle bars. I don't know how far I flew, but in the end, I had a concussion, some scrapes on my left shoulder, a sprained wrist, and some road rash on my left hip and leg.

I passed out following the accident, so my friends called an ambulance. My Road iD was seen right away by the First Responders. I came to in the ambulance and I heard a First Responder say, "Hey, she has a Road iD. I need to get one of those!" I then heard them call my son to inform him what had happened and where they would be taking me.

When I woke up at the hospital, my son and daughter-in-law were there waiting for me. Not only did the First Responders get my son’s contact info from my ID, they were able to see that I have an allergy to two different medications.

I wear my Road iD every time I ride or run, and I won't go anywhere without it.