The Next Thing I Know, I'm in a Helicopter!

I was on a training ride in August with some friends and teammates. We were cruising along near the end of the ride when, the next thing I know, a paramedic is hovering over me in a very shaky, very loud helicopter. I had no recollection of how I got there, and it was terrifying.

I still cannot recall the crash, but my group tells me I hit a pothole, flew over the handlebars, and hit the ground -- my head taking the brunt of the fall.

On to my thank you...while I know my teammates and riding buddies fairly well, we do not know our respective spouse's contact information. And like many people, my smartphone is locked with a passcode. I was unconscious, face down on the asphalt, help on the way, and my friends had no way to contact my family. That is, until they remembered my Road ID.

Thankfully, it provided instant access to my wife's cell number, and she was able to be at the hospital shortly after I arrived. I want to extend a warm and gracious "thank you" to you, your team, and all the emergency personnel who helped me in my time of need.