I blacked out going 35 mph downhill

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

I have been involved in two bicycling accidents with serious injuries and both times first responders used information obtained from my bracelet.

The first time, I was riding alone and went into a corner too fast and lost a wheel in the road side sand. 2 riders coming in other direction saw the fall and immediately responded and called for help.The EMTs used my Road ID to contact my wife.

Second, while on a group ride, we think, I had a sugar spike caused by a multitude of coincidental circumstances. I momentarily blacked-out at 35 mph downhill and immediately face planted into the road. Not wearing a helmet I had a very large head contusion, broken facial bones and ribs. The guys in my group used my Road ID to contact my wife and let her know what had happened.

I now have the Interactive ID, so that first responders will have immediate access to my vital medical info. Thank you for this live-saving product.

- Paul .M from Glendale, CA