EMTs had to use my Road ID...twice!

by ROAD iD Staff May 20, 2021

My first accident happened when I was on a training ride, practicing high speed descents, with several local riders.  On one corner I missed my line and ended up going over the handle bars while still clipped in. The next thing I remembered was the hospital tech telling me that they had completed the CAT Scan and were now taking me for x-rays. I found out later, that my Road ID enabled my friends to immediately contact my wife before the ambulance arrived. She was able to provide them my personal information.  I suffered a bad concussion, and after a month of dizziness, my racing hobby was back in full swing.

My second accident happened a month later during a practice criterion race in Cincinnati's Ault Park.  I was doing well until I made a poor decision to take the final corner at a very high speed.  I ended up crashing with another head injury.  It was my Road ID, for a second time, that gave the EMTs the information they needed.  I was immediately transported to the local hospital.

For my wife's peace of mind, I think it might be time for me to change my strategy going forward. But I know one thing for sure...I will never ride without my Road ID.

- David .B from Beavercreek, OH