I will NEVER be without my Road ID!!!

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

While out on a run I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and fell. I landed on top of my wrist, which broke, smacked my forehead on the sidewalk and scraped every exposed piece of skin. Three guys in a pickup truck stopped to help me. I was dazed and hurt, but I tapped my Road ID wrist band. One of them took off the Velcro strap, and asked if I wanted him to call my wife, I nodded yes. He called her after he called 911. Because of my ID, he was able to relay my name, birth year, and medical details. The operator even asked if it was a Road ID bracelet! She said the doctors at the hospital all have them. My wife was able to meet me at the hospital, thanks to my ID and the kind gentleman helping me. I will NEVER be without my Road ID!!!

- Tom .M from Bluffton, SC