I was unresponsive...

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

I have several Road IDs, wrist, ankle, FIXX, etc. I ALWAYS wear one, even to bed! I cycle, hike, hunt, fish, ride horses, kayak, and more; ID is very prudent to wear.

My ID was used in an unusual event while I was at home recently. We have steep stairs at our house and in the middle of the night I slipped and tumbled down them. I hit my head on a grandfather clock at the bottom, not to mention the marble floor I collapsed onto. Paramedics were summoned by my family when they found me unresponsive. My head was badly cut and my pulse was thready.

Paramedics arrived, along with the fire department, and police. The paramedics immediately went to work on me, and one of them noticed my Interactive Ankle ID. They called the Emergency Response System and were able to gather my important medical details from my profile with the help of the responding agent. Many thanks to Road ID. I always spread the word about your products to my friends and family.

- Gary .W from Los Gatos, CA