Another cyclist collided into me at 25mph!

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

I was cycling north on a bike path in San Diego when a southbound cyclist, avoiding a water puddle, came way over into my lane on a blind turn at 25 mph and collided into me. The impact knocked me off my bike and the back of my head hit the pavement, rendering me unconscious for about 2 minutes. My riding buddy called 911 and was able to call my wife, using my Road ID. My wife knew what medications I was on so she relayed those to the paramedics prior to me leaving in the ambulance. (I was a little confused to say the least). Paramedics took me to the hospital with a bad concussion and an overnight stay in the hospital. 

Since my accident I upgraded my Road ID to the Interactive Version so I can keep my medical history online. I really like it too! If it wasn't for my old Road ID, things would have been a little tougher on everyone. So thank you!!

My bike is fine, by the way, and I recently competed with my Navy Cycling team. I'll always be a big fan of the Road ID and will encourage others to get on board!!!

- Scott .P from San Diego, CA