My Wife Was Notified Within Minutes of my Crash

On December 18, 2020, I headed out to my local trail for an easy mountain bike ride. I had just recovered from being ill for a few weeks and was super excited to be back out on the trail.

Craig H

Just moments after taking a celebratory picture, showing my excitement of being back on the bike, I took off down a hill and hit a jump. Well, I hit the jump in a bad way and landed wrong and went over the handlebars, crashing hard into the ground. I hit my head, and took a hard impact to the ribs, right shoulder, and right hand. I was fortunate that I did not loose consciousness. I was definitely dazed and confused.

When I ride alone, I use my ROAD iD phone app to help keep my wife informed of my riding status and I wear one of many ROAD iD bracelets. The ROAD iD app, along with a couple of other crash sensors, notified my wife and friends of my location. Within minutes of the crash I was receiving calls from my wife and friends.

A friend was able to come to my rescue and take me to the E.R. After 5 1/2 hours at the E.R. I was diagnosed with a separated shoulder, broken rib and broken hand and in the loving care of my wife.

Thank you ROAD iD for your products and app. Additionally, I am a First Responder and I can’t begin to explain enough of the importance of having good identification or contact information with you while you are out being active or just daily life. I’ve been involved in too many incidents where having something like a ROAD iD bracelet would have been helpful to contact loved ones.

-Craig H.