It's always there to speak for me if I can't speak

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

Just wanted to say thank you so much for having the Road ID interactive profile. Yesterday I had an anaphylactic reaction that required a call to 911. In the ambulance I had 3 EMTs all trying to ask me different questions before the reaction had been completely subdued. I was able to just take my sport ID band off my wrist and give it to the EMT and tell her to go to the website.  She looked it up and was so thankful I had everything listed right there and it answered all of her questions so I could focus on the two other EMTs asking about symptoms.

The Road ID interactive profile is so much easier to use than others and way cheaper too. I can fit more info on the engraved tag part and your sport ID is so much more comfortable and durable than others are. So, thank you. Being allergic to the world sucks, but Road ID takes some stress out as it's always there to speak for me if I can't speak.

- Madeleine-Camille .P from Gaithersburg, MD