Finding your bracelet was a Godsend!

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

A month ago our 17-year-old son had his first ever seizure (a tonic-clonic or "grand mal" seizure) and was subsequently diagnosed with epilepsy. Even with newly prescribed anti-convulsant medications, he recently had his second seizure. His neurologist suggested we get him a medical bracelet to explain his condition should he ever have a seizure when we couldn't be with him.

As a typical teenager, our son was reluctant about wearing something ugly or "uncool." Finding your bracelet was a Godsend! He actually liked it and helped pick out the one he liked. We all cannot wait for it to arrive.

We know we can't be with our son every minute of every day, so knowing he'll soon have this bracelet on his body should he have another seizure without us near is a tremendous relief. Thank you for this amazing product!!!

- Jennifer .M from Shartner, OR