When I Came to at the Hospital, All Was in Order

I purchased my Interactive Road iD earlier this year before embarking on vacation travel. I knew I'd be taking some solo rides in unfamiliar territory. I valued the fact I could update my online profile with current info... such as where I was staying and how to locate accompanying family members. But my Road iD proved invaluable close to home.Less than 12 miles into a routine training ride on a local trail, I crashed hard for reasons still unknown. Knocked unconscious, arriving riders on the busy trail were reluctant to move me since it was not apparent I was still breathing.

Later on in the hospital I learned that the EMT squad relied on my Road iD to contact my wife, and assure her I was just scraped up a little bit. They also used the ID to acquire all of my insurance info. When I came to at the hospital, all was in order. Lesson learned: always wear your Road iD.