ROAD iD Made a Difference in my Life!

I was at approx. 7.5 miles of the 10 mile race...when the cramp (side stitch) that I had started to nauseate me ...all of a sudden, I could not breath as my throat was closing off. My running partner could hear the sound of my wheezing - then, no breathing at all. The next thing I remember are people hosing me down and rubbing ice all over me - their faces all in my face...questions that I couldn't answer...then my body started shaking all over...they all thought I was dehydrated (but, I was drinking water and carrying a water bottle). The EMTs quickly found my Road ID and took my info. Then, I was put into an ambulance and taken, lights and sirens, to the hospital - it seemed to take forever. I was shaking and cramping all the way and my head hurt so badly.

I will never know for sure what happened to me that day, but I am very thankful that I had my Road ID tag on. Those that were around to see the tag used in such a way have since asked me about it and plan on ordering for themselves and friends of theirs. I wanted to be sure that you knew your kindness is appreciated and that you made a difference in my life this weekend...I was running in a race out of state and nobody knew my emergency and medical info but ME. I couldn't really speak for myself...but my Road ID did. May God bless you.