My husband and I never realized the true value until recently

Hi, my name is Jodi, and I'm finally getting around to sending you a Thankyou for your vital product...the Road ID bracelet!

Hi, my name is Jodi, and I'm finally getting around to sending you a Thankyou for your vital product...the Road ID bracelet!

Despite the orders we've placed over the years for your bracelets and shoe lace tags, my husband and I never realized the true value until recently.
On Oct 19, 2017.. my husband was struck by a car that was coming home from a bar at 4am while he was out for his morning 25 mi ride. It was a hit and run, only several hours later did the police arrest the driver.

I am certainly grateful for many things, like the fact he is alive today and is still recovering each day. I'm grateful he was meticulous in wearing his helmet and all his gear that saved his life. But I am still overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about the ER doctor calling me, nearly 2 hours after the accident occurred.. I was still fast asleep. He called me because of the Road ID bracelet that was still on my husband's wrist. His cell phone was mangled, so it was useless. His shoes were knocked off his broken legs... his helmet broken and clothes ripped to shreds. But his Road ID bracelet remained on his wrist.. and it was our only connection and way of bringing us back together remotely fast. I can't tell you what that means to me still and I'm forever a fan of your product.

Our community had a huge fundraiser and I made it abundantly clear to all the cyclists, runners, walkers, beach goers.. just everyone, how his Road ID bracelet played such a meaningful & critical role in this tragedy.

It made a devastating situation more bearable in many ways for me and our kids, our entire family! In a scary time where every second counts, I was able to be with my husband faster because of the bracelet. It's just immeasurable and I Thankyou still, so much.

I work at a local community center, which many people attend our exercise programs ( especially senior citizens). I've shared the importance of Your products and how they cannot rely on just their medical tag jewelry or cell phones for emergency contact & identification. I discovered most people in this demographic are very ill prepared. I want to help change that!
I personally have just the Velcro shoe ID, but I am going to soon get a bracelet with the plastic/ metal combo, like my husband's. I want all our kids to have one also, and help them get in the habit of wearing it regularly, not just when exercising or alone.

Anyway, I'm happy to share that despite the broken bones, immense road rash and the TBI my husband suffered, he is doing well and trying hard everyday to get back to "normal" again. He cannot and doesn't want to cycle any longer.. he is going to take up Kayaking! ( we live in coastal GA) I think he'll be bringing his Road ID along, no matter how long or short his expeditions will be. Maybe keeping a bracelet in his drypak pouch will keep him consistent with the habit again, and he can easily put it on for his paddling. :)

We are happy customers who can certainly say we know the overall benefits of Road ID, although a bittersweet experience to endure.. it was made better because of this priceless tool.

- Jodi