I could not imagine not using my road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 13, 2021

Thank you for the e mail enjoyed reading it. I could not imagine not using my road I D app on my phone or my bracelet I wear when out cycling on the road. I am a police officer I know how important it is to have emergency information at your hands in an instant could save someones life. I had some of that experience myself last year during a group ride and was involved in a cycling crash. Not only did my wife know from her tracking me on here phone knew something was wrong my bracelet had on my information of my medicine and contact information. It was helpful for group of riders to be able to read I was on blood thinners from blood clots. Lucky was nothing serious wrong with me but it did help medics check for signs knowing I have had blood clots and on meds for them. I recommend it to everyone. I also advise all the medics that I work close to I wear one with all my information due to the line of work I am in.

- Dusty