by ROAD iD Staff March 19, 2020

Take a quick peek at Royce’s Instagram and you’ll see her mingling with elephants in Thailand, Scuba Diving off the coast of California, and sitting on a cliff’s edge in Yosemite.

It’s safe to say that she has one of the coolest jobs ever. We asked Royce how she got her start as a professional photographer, her tips for up-and-comers, and the next item on her adventure bucket list.

 Favorite sport and goals you’re currently chasing?


I participate in a variety of sports, it’s hard to call one of them my favorite because I get a different challenge out of each one.

I do enjoy cycling, running, and obstacle course racing the most. Mud is always fun! 

I really want to compete in an Ultra race. At the moment I am sticking to running and obstacle course racing until I’m ready to fully train for an Ultra.

How did you get your start in photography? 

I have dabbled in photography for a long time, then about five years ago I decided to really pursue outdoor landscape photography. It took off into much more than I imagined and has gotten me where I am today. 

I’ve met so many likeminded people and businesses that have the same drive and passion as myself for the outdoors. I've grown into commercial, portraiture and travel photography and have learned many different aspects about each one. It’s always fun to challenge myself in new things, and photography is endless with fun challenges.

My job today is really working towards my future. I work with various outdoor companies on a daily basis with different levels of Marketing and have decided to take it one step further into a full-time van life gig. I plan on traveling the U.S, exploring as many places as possible and doing volunteer work, mainly focused on trash cleanup.

I have a passion to do my part and the companies I work with are right there with me. Together we can all do more. I absolutely love ROAD iD and their passion to help others. I’m not always in the safest places, I tend to be on cliffs often so I can tell you my family appreciates ROAD iD just as much as me.

What adventures have you been on lately?

I just returned from a two-month trip to Southeast Asia where I visited seven countries. It was the most incredible adventure of my life. I took a total of 17 flights and the crazy thing is I have a fear of flying.

I visited Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Out of all of those, Cambodia was my favorite.

I can tell you the food is incredible, and the people are truly wonderful. I definitely plan to go back and do more there.

Having ROAD iD with me is essential to my survival and gives me that peace of mind. I know that if something where to happen to me, someone would be able to easily contact my family. Traveling and exploring the outdoors can have it’s dangers, so having a piece of reassurance on me makes me feel safer. 

Where is your bucket list travel destination? 

At the moment it is the Great Barrier Reef. I hope to get there within the next 2 years.

 Coolest place you’ve been?

Before Asia, I would say the Azores Islands. But now, Komodo Islands takes the cake. Padar Island, Pink Beaches, Komodo Dragons and swimming with Manta Rays, that is all hard to beat. Plus I made some amazing friends there. I highly recommend going there.

 Favorite national park? 

That’s easy…Yosemite. It was my first National Park visited and my forever favorite. I have visited so many times, I feel like a regular there. Yosemite is truly unique and is never the same. 

Each season provides incredible views, hiking options and endless photography spots. My favorite spot in the park is Glacier Point where I always make sure I arrive just before sunrise to watch it over Half Dome. 

Advice for someone who wants to explore/travel/adventure more?

Do it! Don’t be afraid to go alone if you have too. There are so many travelers out there going solo or with friends. There’s even apps to meet up with fellow adventurers.

I know the cost can be a deterrence but trust me, a simple hike to a waterfall or beach near you is always worth it. The outdoor life is the best life. And if you are scared to travel abroad, don’t be…it’s totally worth it and will most likely change your outlook on life.

Just a reminder to everyone that you can do anything. If you have a fear, challenge yourself to overcome it. I’ve done it time and time again and look back and can’t believe the things I’ve done. We are capable of so much and the world is ours to explore. So put on that ROAD iD and get out there. 

Follow Royce’s Adventures on Instagram @casunshine0508 and on her website.