It's Who I Am: ROAD iD Staff

It's Who I Am: ROAD iD Staff

At the beginning of this year, we gave a little behind the scenes look into our tagline It's Who I Am and asked you to share your own stories on how your ROAD iD expresses who you are. You guys really delivered. We laughed. We cried. We were inspired. So we got pen and paper out and reflected on our own “Why”s.

We chose 3 of our amazing staff members to share their stories with the world. Meet Tony, Martha, and Alexa 

Tony, Director of Technology

I wear my ROAD iD all day, every day, no exceptions. Okay, this might be due to the fact that it's attached to my GPS smartwatch, which I keep perpetually strapped to my wrist to quantify and analyze every step, heartbeat, snore, and sneeze on a daily basis. That being said, I figure if I'm going to wear an engraved ID at all times, it's probably worth giving it some thought. My ROAD iD serves a couple purposes to me.

Tony holds a basketball with his son.

First and foremost, it delivers peace of mind for me and my family. As somebody who is on a fledgling personal health journey, I've been getting outside more and pounding the pavement to run/jog/hobble my way to a better lifestyle. One of the great things about being part of a company like ROAD iD is that you are constantly surrounded by the positive influence of coworkers and customers who are ridiculously athletic. Our CEO & Co-Founder, Edward (my boss), goes on bike races that can be measured in days - meanwhile, I'm lucky to eek out a 5k jog on the weekends.

I have big dreams of running a Marathon eventually, and getting there is going to take a lot of challenging training sessions outdoors. While I'm out there, It's comforting to know that the names of some of the people I care about the most are right there with me and they could be contacted in a hurry if something were to happen to me.

Shameless plug as the Technology Director: I also use the ROAD iD mobile app while I'm running which makes sure my spouse will be able to pin-point my location if I stop moving.

Secondly, I like to reserve a couple lines on my ROAD iD to record my personal core values. This not only serves as an easy reminder to me as a leader, but also as a father, husband, friend, and citizen. I find it to be a compelling form of accountability. These values evolve over time, but right now my ID sports the words, Discipline, Humility, Confidence, and Gratitude. That's not to say I always embody these values as much as I would like. Much like my goal of running a Marathon, they often feel more aspirational than anything. My ROAD iD serves as a personal token of both "who I am" and who I want to be, and that reminder almost never leaves my wrist. 

Martha, Director of Human Resources

I wear my ROAD iD for my family, and visa versa. My husband has worn a ROAD iD since training for his first marathon. At the time our sons were little and it helped knowing that we'd be contacted if something happened on one of his long runs.

Martha and her two sons

Fast forward and now our sons are attending college in Chicago, IL & Miami, FL. They wear their ROAD iDs for our peace of mind in case anything happens while we're so far apart.

Personally, our digital products have the most meaning. After work I stop somewhere scenic and run or hike a few days of the week. If I'm ever alone on a trail or on a nature preserve with no one else in sight it helps to know the app shares my location in real time just in case something goes wrong.

The other app that is meaningful to me is the online medical profile. Too superstitious to use the term 'survivor', let's just say I used to have to go through treatment for something and now I don't. All of my ROAD iDs (I have different colors because I like to coordinate with what I'm wearing - don't judge) are linked to the online medical profile so that if something were to happen the first responders would be able to quickly discover my medical history.

In closing, the DOG iD brand means a lot to me too. Our dogs, while awesome, have adventurous spirits, and sometimes like to run at full speed through the electric fence so they can explore the neighborhood. Their DOG iDs are always there, securely embedded in their rock solid collars, to help us feel safe that we'd be reunited.

Alexa, Messaging Strategist

Safety was always something that I was taught as a kid. It was (and still is) something very important to me and my family. Whether it was wearing my seatbelt in the car, putting on sunscreen when I was playing outside or wearing a helmet when I would ride my skateboard around in the driveway - safety was the utmost priority.

Alexa shows off her ROAD iD

The feeling of needing to be safe is something that never goes away in adulthood. In fact, it is something that becomes more and more important everyday when you begin to make big life choices, move away from your hometown or go on a vacation to somewhere you’ve never been before. Feeling safe and your loved ones having peace of mind knowing your safe is necessary.

Fast forward to the present day. I bought a new bike. It’s probably been about 10 years since I’ve been on one, but there is no time like the present to start something back up. In picking up this “new” hobby, what is the most important thing to me? Safety.

Everytime I go for a ride, I strap my ROAD iD on my wrist and start an eCrumb in the Run + Ride Safety App by ROAD iD. The peace of mind it provides my loved ones is priceless, especially since the physical distance between myself and my family has grown over the years.

Not only does my ROAD iD provide me and my loved ones peace of mind, but it motivates me! The last line on my ID says “Be Yourself!” which is pulled from my favorite quote:

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."—Oscar Wilde

This quote has always inspired me to stay true to myself and embrace my uniqueness in the world. Anytime I need a little extra motivation, I can just look at my wrist!

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