Artist Series: Kinsey Hotchkiss

Artist Series: Kinsey Hotchkiss

Hi, my name is Kinsey and I’m the Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Artist behind Kinsey H. Designs. I’ve been running Kinsey H. Designs since 2017. Prior to that I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Vermont in Chinese language and Culture. Following 2014 after graduation, I bought a one-way ticket to China, to teach English. Those next two years I traveled as much as I could, backpacking through Southeast Asia, China, Japan and elsewhere. I didn’t realize it yet, but those two years were the trip of iceberg for my love for venturing and traveling. 

After two years in Southeast China, I got a one-way ticket to Australia and spent the next year there living in a van driving from the East Coast in the West Coast, beach hopping, and working odd jobs. After that I knew my adventure wasn’t over, so I hopped up to Indonesia and back to China and Japan, then home to New England. I didn’t stay long in New England as I got a car and drove out to California, where I drove up and down the West Coast until I found a town I liked and decided to stay. I set up home in Ocean Beach, San Diego and spent the next two years there. I continued to teach English, but was wanting something a bit more creative. Knowing that I always had a love for arts, photography, and drawing since I was kid, I went back to school for graphic design as I thought that might be a nice fit to bring our creativity into my career and lifestyle all while being able to continue traveling.

Wasn’t long after that that I started Kinsey H. Designs. I worked for local surf, photographers, coffee shops, and friends doing all free but such fun work. After fully immersing myself in the world design for a few years, my business and style and fully developed and I became full-time freelance running my little creative studio. Since then, I have moved back to New England area where I am close to family, but still am always on the go. In the winters we road trip in our van out to the southwest to escape the cold, and the rest of the year is spent hiking, camping, venturing, fly fishing and exploring with our pup Otis. 

I’m constantly in need of seeking adventure and new places, as the joy this brings me is unmatched. My work and artwork shows this fully - I’m constantly drawing adventure vans, views of the mountains, desert roads, and cacti that are all so inspiring to me. My business mainly focuses on logo and branding work, custom designs, apparel designs, labeling & packaging design, and a lot of other fun projects like tattoo designs. 

When RoadiD reached out to me, I was so excited as their brand is geared towards people that are out and about seeking adventure. When we first sat down to discuss the project, I knew instantly that this was going to be such a fun one to work on. As the whole basis of the project and series was movement, to me that immediately spoke to me as adventuring, seeking new places and new landscapes. As I began to work on the initial design I really felt like the views of America and the landscape that people can find themselves in and explore really spoke to me. As somebody is driven across the country, and is currently driving across the country for the eighth time, I know that there is so much to see and explore in America. I felt that the landscape of the design we finalized, changing from the mountains to the desert, everyone could find a piece of connection within those landscapes. Although some people are more drawn to the mountains, some the trees and some the desert, we can still all find equal value in the idea of getting outside, moving, and exploring. Like I said, this was such a fun project to work on and fully aligned with my adventurous lifestyle and design studio. 

I hope you enjoy the artwork just as much as I enjoyed working on it! If you want to check out more of my artwork, you can find it at my Instagram @kinsey.h.designs or website Feel free to reach out whenever whether you want to say hey, talk about design or inquire about a project :)