The One Thing

It’s 8:00 am on Monday morning, coffee in one hand, computer in the other (yes, that’s a special skill - it only took 10,000 hours of practice to master).  I must admit that I’m feeling a bit tired this morning. Yesterday I did a 3+ hour solo “hill workout” on my road bike. I really love riding with friends. Long, solitary bike rides, however, give me an opportunity to unplug, to clear my head…a chance to think. Yesterday, I spent much of that time thinking about YOU - our valued ROAD iD family.

As I ticked over the pedals, I discovered that most of my thoughts were influenced by a book I just finished reading,The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The recurring theme of this book is that we all try to do too much in our lives (both personally and professionally). Further, we ought to stop trying to do it all as “doing it all” is a recipe for failure. Instead, Gary encourages us to ask this question: “What’s the One Thing such that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary.”  

At ROAD iD, our “One Thing” has always been to Save Lives, Provide Peace of Mind, and Fuel Adventure. Coupled with this is our “One Number” - the thing that drives all our decision making at ROAD iD. And, NO, that number has nothing to do with revenue or profit. Instead, that “One Number” is the number of lives that our company can positively impact. This isn't just “marketing speak” - this is truly how we operate. And, that “One Number” happens to be 6,630,000 lives by the end of 2024.

Inspired by this book, my pledge to you, your families, my team at ROAD iD, and everyone else that you know that is positively impacted by ROAD iD is to spend more time focusing on the “One Thing” that will help us impact more lives. Wish me luck - I need your support. 

While you’re here, I have a few other things that I’d like to share…

  • The ROAD iD team is expanding - check out our career openings.
  • Take the ROAD iD App for a test run (or ride).
  • We need advice...but not from you…from your parents.
  • My New Year’s resolutions (still on track…mostly). 

ROAD iD Ambassadors I want to take a moment to congratulate our 2022 #TeamROADiD Ambassadors. We are pumped to have them representing ROAD iD. I would also like to thank everyone who applied to be part of the program. Knowing so many of you not only value the gear we've worked hard to perfect, but also want to become an advocate for our mission of Saving Lives, Fueling Adventure, and Providing Peace of Mind is humbling. We would not be where we are today without your support...we'd probably still be in my Dad's leaky basement.

We're Hiring! I'm excited to say our team is expanding and we're on the lookout for some great people to join our team. Please take a moment to check out our current open roles and feel free to share them with anyone you know who may be a great fit. Please note all positions are based in Northern Kentucky (5 min from downtown Cincinnati, OH).

Test out our App. The new and improved ROAD iD App is thriving! This app provides Real-Time Location Sharing and Patented Accident Sensing Technology that's already begun to Save Lives, Provide Peace of Mind, and Fuel Adventure. Learn more about the ROAD iD App and try it out for two weeks for free.

We need parental guidance. No, I'm not referring to the MTV reality show, I'm talking about real advice from your mom, dad, aunt, grandparent, or parental figure that has stuck with you all these years. Send a quick message to to share it and it may just get featured in an upcoming email. For me, Mom always told me to “wear clean underwear” when going to see a doctor. It always seemed like sound advice…but I’m not sure I ever had a habit of wearing dirty underwear. So, now that I think about it - it seems like weird advice. 

On a more serious note, if you would like to opt out of upcoming communications for Mother's Day or Father's Day, please click here so we can be respectful of your preferences. 

UPDATE: New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t normally set resolutions. But, I did it this year. I’m happy to report that I’m currently “on-track” with the 16 books (I even added two), “Wimmer Wednesday Dinners”, and my bike-related resolutions. I am, however, definitely off track on the 11,000 pull-ups/chin-ups. There’s time to catch up, but it’s going to require some dedicated effort…and more muscles. #weakling. 

Thank YOU for being a valued part of the ROAD iD community. We're blessed beyond measure to be able to continue to serve your safety needs.

Talk soon,

Edward Wimmer IV

Co-Founder, ROAD iD