It's Who I Am

ROAD iD’s first-ever product was the Fixx ID.  Like most of our early products, it wasn’t designed to be particularly sexy or cool. Instead, it was designed to be useful, practical, and to communicate who you are in an emergency. 

To our pleasant surprise, ROAD iDs eventually started to become a “social identifier” among runners, cyclists, and triathletes. I first realized this was happening when a customer told me she spotted a ROAD iD-wearing runner across a conference table while traveling for work. With that common ground established, she struck up a conversation and was given some great tips on where to go for a run after work. 

She knew the guy across the table was a runner because he was rocking a ROAD iD. “That’s freaking cool!” I exclaimed loudly…but to myself as nobody else was around.

Flash forward to 2008. We decided to work with our first-ever professional athlete, Levi Leipheimer. Our goal for this partnership was twofold: 1) To raise awareness in the cycling community about the importance of ROAD iD and 2) Elevate ROAD iD’s authenticity - to add a dash of legitimacy with a solid dose of “cool.”

As we were beginning to shoot our first-ever commercial, our marketing agency politely told me that our current brand tagline sucked…and that we needed a new one.

With a slightly bruised ego, I started thinking about the conference room story and realized that ROAD iD was not just about “who you are,” it was also about “WHO you are.” (Yes, I understand that’s a stupidly-written sentence. I’m leaning on your above-average intelligence to understand what I’m getting at.)

Reflecting on the conference room story was the a-ha moment that led me to create my favorite ROAD iD tagline: It’s Who I Am.  

Yes, ROAD iD quite literally communicates who I am (or who YOU are). But, it also says something else about us as individuals. This other meaning is deeper, broader, more personal, and unique-to-you. In my case, it says that I have a family that cares about me: a wife, two boys, parents, siblings, friends, and my ROAD iD family that want to make sure I get the help I need, when (and if) I need it. 

My ROAD iD also communicates to the world that I’m not content spending all my time sitting on the sofa eating Bon Bons and watching Bachelor reruns. Instead, it says that I like to get outdoors and get after it…to seek adventure while doing what I love: riding and racing bikes.

It’s all of these important things rolled up into one:

At a meeting a few days ago, a member of our team casually asked “Why did we stop using the ‘It’s Who I Am’ tagline?” 30 seconds later we decided that we’re doing for the “It’s Who I Am” tagline what Justin Timberlake did for sexy. Yep, we’re bringing it back. Why? Because we think it uniquely connects to YOU, and your “Why.” And, because of that, it connects to our team and the reason why we come to work every day: to protect your life and fuel your adventure. 

Which leads me to my question for you: What does YOUR ROAD iD say about YOU? Why do you wear it? Who are you wearing it for? What deeper meaning does it convey about YOU?

It’s Who I Am,