Blessed Beyond Measure

It’s 5pm on Sunday night...and I’m struggling to find the words to express my feelings of gratitude for YOU and our entire ROAD iD family.

“Blessed Beyond Measure” keeps coming to mind.

Sure, 2020 was a dumpster fire...a dumpster fire strapped to the front seat of a scary roller coaster with its hands in the air and a stupid smirk on its face.

Through it all however, and because of YOU, the entire gang at ROAD iD was able to stay employed, remain positive, and continue working on our core passion: to save lives, provide peace of mind, and fuel adventure.

So, on behalf of my Dad (co-founder), my Sister (co-owner) and the 40 awesomely talented and dedicated folks at ROAD iD...thank you. Thank you from the bottom of collective and grateful hearts.

To that end, and as a small token of gratitude, we’re giving you TWO $10 GIFT CARDS. One is for you. The other is for the first person (or fur baby) that comes to mind when you think to yourself “Self, who do I know that needs a ROAD iD, DOG iD, or HEALTH iD?”


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SINCE YOU’RE STILL HERE...I have a few cool updates to share:

You may have noticed that two new brands joined the ROAD iD family last year. At DOG iD, we’re making some of the world’s greatest dog ids and collars. And, over at HEALTH iD our aim is to make “Medical ID that doesn’t suck.” These new brands enable us to more broadly pursue our passion: To Save Lives. To Provide Peace of Mind. To Fuel Adventure. Stay tuned...much more to come this year.

That’s a big number, right? It’s the amount you helped us donate in 2020 to causes we truly care about. “Purpose over Profit” is a core value of ours and your support enables us to show it. Together we donated:
✔️ $135K to 4 Paws For Ability
✔️ $40K to the American Cancer Society to fuel the fight against breast cancer
✔️ Over $10K to the Paul Sherwen Project

With every customer and every order, we seek to deliver a product, service, and journey so blindingly awesome that you can’t help but share it. We can’t do this without paying close attention to your feedback. I want to know one thing that you think we can do better. Nothing is off limits. Is there a product you want us to make or improve on? Is there something we should do to make our website better or our service more exceptional? Or, should we play the Macarena on our hold music? Tell us at Seriously. We want your feedback.

ROAD iD Ambassadors partner with us to spread peace of mind while sporting the latest gear from ROAD iD on every adventure. Ambassador perks include free gear, early access to new products, exclusive discounts, and more. Apply here.


Every day, customers reach out to us with their “ROAD iD stories,” tales of how their IDs give them the confidence to get out and do more. Stories that detail accidents with improved outcomes, parents and children reunited in crowded spaces, furry friends returned home safely, and the unthinkable when an ID literally helps save a life. These stories are super motivating to our team. So, if you have a ROAD iD story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it at

In closing, THANK YOU again for being part of the ROAD iD Family. If there’s anything we can do for you, let us know by replying to this email. We’ve got your back.

Your Friend at ROAD iD (Smiling under my mask...and Blessed Beyond Measure),

Edward Wimmer

Co-Founder / CEO

Our Story

As I was noodling my thoughts for this email, this goofy thing sprang to mind. I’m calling it “2020 was a bit obscene”

There were so many things that were unforeseen
The prince cut ties with the queen
A terrible crash killed Kobe
COVID-19 and the Quarantine
Followed by Zoom meetings and a work-from home routine
And massive challenges with schooling
Remember when we disinfected groceries to get them clean
And Carole Baskin and Tiger King
Social unrest like I’ve never seen
Then Wildfires added to our misery
And Murder Hornets with their deadly sting
We lost Chadwick Boseman at 43
Then Alex Trebek and RBG
In searching for for silver linings
We ended the year with better hygiene
And then a record-breaking new vaccine.
I pray for this year to be more serene.

Now i’m passing the mic to see what you’ve gleaned
Write your own verse and reply to this thing

I bet that your prose will be fit for a King

If it wins then we’ll send you a championship ring

Or maybe we won’t really send anything

Regardless we’d love to see what you’ve got

So give it a go. And thanks. Thanks a lot.

With an intent to bring a smile to your face, these are two of the funniest things I saw in 2020: