Service Dogs | Vote for their Names

A portion of every ROAD iD order is donated to our charity partners at 4 Paws for Ability— an amazing organization that trains and places service dogs with children and veterans in need.

When our friends at 4 Paws asked us to help name an upcoming litter of service dogs, we said yes faster than a Labrador can lift his leg on a fire hydrant. Naming a pack of pups is an honor that's worthy of some serious brainpower. After all, these service dogs will be life-changing additions to the deserving families they’ll be placed with. That’s why we’re asking your help in picking the perfect monikers for these all-important animals.

Every litter of 4 Paws puppies has a unique theme & each dog's name is related to the theme. The bright minds at ROAD iD HQ brainstormed our way to Three Themes of our own: Cyclist Nicknames, 1999, & Mythical Creatures.
This is where you come into the mix. We need your help in deciding the motif for our soon-to-be-born litter. We whipped up a super fancy poll where you can tell us which theme— Cyclist Nicknames, 1999, or Mythical Creatures — is your favorite. If you have a clever idea of your own, we’re all ears! There’s a section for suggestions in the poll too.

Wondering how we landed on the 3 themes? Here's how they relate to the ROAD iD family.

1999 was a year of epic cultural milestones: Pokemon was released as a video game. Backstreet Boys and NSYNC ruled the charts with their frosted tips and vocal charm. Y2K panic was in full-swing. And, most importantly, a father-son duo founded a company called ROAD iD in the basement of their Kentucky home. This litter theme would pay homage to the year of our founding with names inspired by pop culture markers of the pre-millennium.

Cyclist Nicknames:
We’re pretty huge fans of professional cycling around here. Our love for the sport runs deep. During the early years of pro cycling, journalists created nicknames in an effort to help popularize the sport & its athletes. The tradition continues today and has birthed a plethora of amusing monikers. This litter would be comprised of nicknames given to pro cyclists over the years.

Mythical Creatures:
A little known fact about us—We have an affinity for mythical creatures. If you look closely, there’s a good chance you’ll spot a yeti or unicorn hanging out on Seriously. Even the conference rooms at ROAD iD HQ are named after mythical creatures. This litter would take names from some fabulous fabled beasts.

Learn more about ROAD iD's work with 4 Paws for Ability