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The Rescue Unit told me my Road ID was vital
Being a Fireman/Medic myself, I always look for the Road ID when I respond to a victim, but I never imagined I'd put my own to use. I was cycling home from a big group ride when I was struck by a vehicle. The Rescue Unit that responded went for my Road ID right away. I was so disoriented on scene; the Rescue Unit told me later.... - David W. / Miami, FL Continue Reading

Our Story

The inspiration for Road ID was born in the fall of 1999. For my father, the inspiration was his concern for me as I trained for my first marathon. For me, the inspiration was a black, King Kong size pick-up truck that I nearly came face to face with on a long Saturday run.

Earlier that fall, I began training for my first marathon. My father worried about me logging all those miles and would often tell me to "be safe." One day, he suggested that I carry an ID so that he could be notified if I had an accident while training. Of course, I dismissed that suggestion. I thought: "What could possibly happen to me while running?"

So, there I was, in a ditch, on the side of the road, having nearly been hit by the aforementioned pick-up truck. From that ditch, my father's suggestion to carry ID started to make a tremendous amount of sense.

Luckily I was OK. But, what if the truck had hit me? I would have been rushed to the local hospital as "John Doe." Without proper ID, family members and friends could NOT be contacted. Likewise, my Medical records could NOT be accessed at the hospital. How long would I lay there unidentified? This freaked me out.

A few months later, from my father's damp basement, he and I launched Road ID. To us, Road ID has always been far more than a business. We are on a mission to save lives.

Since 1999, we have received countless thank you letters and emails from customers that have used their Road ID in accident situations. Many of these customers say they might not be alive today if it weren't for their Road ID. You can view some of these stories on our testimonial page.

We thank you for visiting our site. While here, take the time to read a few testimonials. If you do, I trust that you will make Road ID your new training partner and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with wearing it. Remember, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can't speak for yourself, your Road ID will speak for you.

My father, our entire crew, and I place upon our shoulders the responsibility to educate all outdoor enthusiasts about the vital importance of ID. We hope to make you a customer. More importantly, we hope that you will help us spread the word about Road ID.

If you have any questions, or just want to say "what's up", feel free to give us a call, email, write a letter, send a telegram or whip up a smoke signal. All of our contact info can be found on our contact us page.

Be safe out there – and don't forget to tell your friends and family about Road ID.

Mike Wimmer (father) and Edward Wimmer (son)

  1. If you can't speak for yourself, Road ID will speak for you.
  2. Road ID enables First Responders to immediately contact family members and friends.
  3. Road ID enables family members to provide additional details about your health or give consent for potentially life saving procedures.
  4. Road ID enables hospital staff to locate vital medical records.
  5. Road ID can communicate medical conditions or allergy information to medical staff.
  6. Road ID can prevent serious delays in treatment by saving crucial time during the "golden hour" of medical treatment.
  7. It's far better to have Road ID and not need it than to need Road ID and not have it. It's not just a piece of gear, it's peace of mind.
  8. Accidents happen far more than you think they do. Each year approximately 450,000 of us are taken to hospitals unconscious and without identification.
  9. Road ID looks good on and makes a statement about your athletic lifestyle – not to mention that studies would probably prove that people that wear Road ID are considerably smarter than those that don't.
  10. Road ID can save your Life. Period.

We save lives and provide priceless peace of mind. At Road ID, we don’t make widgets...we make a difference. Our testimonials provide perpetual inspiration and fuel our relentless passion. We are a great company trying hard to be a great company.

Our mission is two-fold: One, to educate outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of wearing ID. Two, to provide these athletes with innovative identification products that they will want to include as part of their gear.

Our dream is to see the day where wearing ID is as common among athletes as wearing a seatbelt is among motorists.

Our customer service will blow your socks off. We know that EVERY customer interaction is important. You’ll find that Road ID is not just another faceless company. We are real, down-to-earth people with personality, heart and soul. We will treat YOU the same way WE want to be treated. It’s just that simple.

Do it Right
No short cuts. No excuses. We stand behind everything we do and every product we sell. If we make a mistake, we make it right. Our reputation is our bottom line.

Ear to the Ground, Eye to the Sky
Listen, identify, improve and innovate. We realize that most great ideas come from those closest to an issue. We listen more than we talk so we can identify potential problems or areas that need improvement. We seek out problems and help solve them. We drive evolution in everything we do.

Share the Love
Giving Back is not a secondary obligation. Instead, it is a fundamental reason to be in business. As an example, "Road ID Gives Back" is an ongoing program where we pledge to donate a portion of EVERY order to one of 12 excellent causes. As a fun twist, we let YOU tell us which charity should benefit from YOUR purchase.

Get on the Bus
We are a great company because we have a team of outstanding individuals that work hard to achieve common goals. We strive to treat each other as well as we treat our customers. We have faith in what we do and are passionate in our execution. We encourage and celebrate hard work, creativity, productivity, having fun, quality work, efficiency, strong attention to detail and leadership by example. Having great people enables us to empower our teams to act entrepreneurially, make decisions and to take informed, responsible risks.

Whoop it Up
Yeah, Road ID is a serious product and we have some very serious goals. That doesn’t mean we have to be boring or stuffy. We have fun, we’re a little weird and we laugh as much as possible. We realize that if we take ourselves too seriously, nobody else will.

Road ID is made possible by the grace of God, the love and support of our Families and the freedom provided by our Country.

Another Happy Customer
"Thank you so much! I am a 911 dispatcher and was recently asked to research the information from an accident victim's Road ID. Responders look for them, and they save lives!"
Neva H. / Ingleside, IL