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His Road ID gave the ER access to his profile
I am a nurse in an emergency department in the Los Angeles area.  I am also a cyclist.  I wear a Road ID.  This past week we had a cyclist who was involved in an accident.  One of my first questions to him was: do you have ID?  He said yes.  I found a Road ID in his bag, not on his wrist where it belongs..... - ER Dept Charge Nurse, Rob P. / Woodland Hills, CA Continue Reading

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Wrist Band Elite

This is the same band that is sold with the Wrist ID Elite. This smooth-talking rubberized band is available in fourteen great colors, and it even comes in brown or black leather. It's fully adjustable, so one size fits all. NOTE: The Wrist Band Elite is specifically designed for the Elite ID and is not compatible with other styles.

How do I attach the band to my existing clasp?

To attach this band to your existing clasp, simply locate the "band clamps" on each end of your clasp. Pry open the clamps with a butter knife to remove the existing band. Then, simply insert the new band into the clamps. Finally, close the clamps...locking your new band in place. For proper fit, you can adjust the size of the band by trimming it (with scissors) along the "cut lines." We recommend cutting the band one section at a time to avoid the dreaded mistake of cutting it too short.

Will my existing Elite ID fit on this band?
Yes. You can transfer the Elite ID plate to any color Wrist Band Elite. Let's say you bought the Wrist ID Elite in black, but now you want a red band to match a stunning new outfit. No problem here. Simply purchase a red Wrist Band Elite and transfer the ID plate. If you want, you can buy all ten colors...but you only need one Elite ID plate. NOTE: The Wrist Band Elite is specially designed for the Elite ID and is not compatible with the Sport ID.
Specs: Silicone Band
Sizes One size fits all. The Wrist ID Elite is fully adjustable. Click Here for instructions.
Weight 0.50 ounces
Materials Fashionable Silicone Compound (latex free)
Width .75"
Water Resistant The Wrist ID Elite (with silicone band) is fresh and saltwater safe. We like to say it is are "hydrophilic". If you paid attention in biology class, you'll remember that hydrophilic means "water lover".
Specs: Leather Band
Sizes One size fits all. The Wrist ID Elite is fully adjustable. Click Here for instructions.
Weight 0.25 ounces
Materials Chrome Oil Tanned Leather
Width .75"
Leather Band Care Instructions
  1. Your leather band will change (evolve) over time. Treat it roughly to add a bit of character. Treat it very roughly if you're after the "cowpoke's old boots" look.
  2. Every 6 months or so, treat your band with a protective liniment. We recommend leathermilk.com.
  3. When needed, clean your leather band with water (no soaps), and allow to dry before wearing.
  4. In general, salt water is a bad idea. If you take it for an ocean swim, soak it in fresh water for 24 hours and allow it to dry natually before wearing.
Another Happy Customer
"We've moved and I hate to ride without the new info on my Road ID. I never leave home without it! Best idea yet! My husband had a serious bike accident shortly after we moved, but luckily my cell number on his ID was the same and the responders used it to call me. THANK YOU, Road ID people!"
Barbara S. / Fort Myers, FL