Road iD Workout & Training App

The ROAD iD App is a real-time GPS tracking and safety app for runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers and basically anyone not glued to their couch.

With amazing features like eCrumb Tracking, a Stationary Alert, and a custom Lock Screen creator, the ROAD iD App is your perfect training partner. With the ability to track your workouts in real time, your friends and family can stay better connected whenever you head outdoors...delivering peace of mind like never before.

eCrumb GPS Tracking

The eCrumb feature of the App is a breeze to use and allows your friends and family to track you in real time, on a map, when you head outdoors for an adventure (run, ride, hike, walk, etc).

It also has an optional “Stationary Alert” that can notify select contacts if you stop moving for more than 5 minutes.

Road ID App eCrumb GPS Live Tracking

Lock-screen Emergency Notification

Customize your phone’s Lock Screen to provide vital information to First Responders in the event of an accident or injury, even if your phone is locked.

With the Lock Screen Creator, you can provide:

  • Name
  • City and State
  • Three Emergency Contacts
  • Important medical information (allergies, medical history, blood type)
ROAD iD Lock-Screen

The ROAD iD App connected me with my family.

Debbie App Story

The app alerted my boyfriend and the paramedics were able to confirm my information and tell him what hospital I was heading to. He alerted the rest of my family and he even beat me to the hospital! I was a mess, so thank God I was wearing my Road ID!

Debbie F.
Courtenay, BC

He Knew My Location Because of the ROAD iD App

Teri R App Story

Thanks to the ROAD iD App and my Wrist ID Elite, I was able to be found quickly and all my medical information relayed to my doctor to get me the best care possible. I tell all my patients about your great products and your App and how it could one day save their life.

Teri R.
Mattawan, MI
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Please Note: The App is not a replacement for a physical ROAD iD and is intended to be a supplemental safety device only. For identification purposes, it’s important that you wear (on your person) an ID that First Responders can easily access in an emergency.