Medical ID Bracelets

Silicone Medical ID Bracelets

The Silicone Clasp Medical ID bracelet keeps your vital medical info on hand and easily accessible. Each custom medical alert ID features a trim-to-size silicone band and a classic tri-fold clasp to dial-in the perfect fit. Perfect for those with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, allergies, and more. Each ID comes with a  medic alert Badge and up to 5 lines of custom text.

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Medical ID Bracelets 

ROAD iD is proud to offer the most durable, fashionable medical ID bracelet available. Our personalized medical ID bracelets are designed for men, women, and children of every age group. Made from durable stainless steel.

Personalize your medical ID bracelet with your unique medical condition, the medications you take, any allergies you have, plus emergency contact names and phone numbers to ensure your safety.

Choose from three easy-to-use medical alert band styles to fit your lifestyle.

Why Wear Medical ID Bracelets

Wearing a medical alert bracelet is a practical way to protect yourself every day. This medical ID is likely the most functional piece of jewelry you can wear anytime and anywhere. 

Feel safe when going out. Having your critical medical info on your wristband makes you feel more confident that a kind stranger or a first responder can help you. The feeling of being safe can make the experience of going out more pleasant, given your health situation. 

Help people help you. Getting timely and more accurate medical assistance is critical in the face of a medical emergency. The people around you can help while you wait for the medical professionals—one of the steps listed in administering first aid for a seizure here is to look for a medical ID bracelet. 

Let your loved ones know. Your parents, partner, or the person you indicated as ICE on your bracelet would want to know that you are safe or will get help should something happen. They’ll probably feel a bit of relief and have some peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable identifier with you and on you wherever you go.

It’s also versatile. Your emergency medical alert bracelet doesn’t have to look out of place or get in the way of your daily style. Medical alert bracelets, as our selection shows, can match your lifestyle. They can be rugged enough to accompany you on long walks, hikes, marathons, and outdoor adventures. They can take the form of stylish medical alert bracelets in bright and pretty colors to complement nice outfits and accessories. Choose replacement bands according to your style and personality to add variety. 

Wear it every day. As a daily wearable item, our medical ID bracelet is built to be durable and useful for a long time. It has a weatherproof silicone band (or a breathable woven band) and comes with a clear, custom engraving. 

Light and comfortable, too. Comfort plays a huge role in wearing useful accessories like a medical alert bracelet. We made certain that each wristband medical ID was lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times. The band can be snugly fitted and secured with a clasp, so it won’t easily fall off—see how to size your wrist ID

Fun, functional, and practical medical alert bracelets serve as readily available means of identification in emergencies. They can be engraved with instructions to direct someone to access medication in your bag, contact someone, etc. 

Who Should Wear Medical Alert Bracelets 

Anyone can benefit from wearing a medical alert bracelet, given the important information it can contain for their safety. 

It is highly recommended for the following people:

The wearable medical ID communicates to bystanders and emergency responders and leads them to further information through the people listed as "in case of emergency” numbers if you are unable to speak or communicate clearly. 

Knowing you have allergies or medications with you can help prevent adverse events and result in quicker decisions. The quality of medical care given to a patient can thus be improved if health professionals have access to medical information from the beginning. 

Engaging in outdoor activities is also a major consideration for wearing identification gear. Absent your phone, wallet, or other forms of documentation on your person, the bracelets provide initial identification when you are out there. ROAD iD is known among athletes and fitness enthusiasts for medical IDs designed for an active lifestyle. 

A loved one with dementia can wear a medical alert bracelet in cases where they get lost or find themselves in difficult situations in public.   

Our easy-to-slide medical alert bracelets are perfect for kids who are not fond of wearing any accessories while playing or going about their day. The cool design and colorful bands should be fun for them. 

Is Wearing Medical Alert Bracelets Required 

There’s no strict rule or law compelling certain individuals to wear medical ID bracelets. Life-threatening health conditions and lifestyle choices, especially when you are out a lot, encourage having this form of identification as a common safety precaution. 

Getting a high-visibility band, for example, makes it easier for someone to see from afar. The eye-catching color and the engraved information, upon a closer glance, work together to help a kind bystander or medical professional save your life. 

Alternatives to Emergency Medical ID Bracelets

We offer options in addition to our wrist-style medical bracelets. Use these wearable medical alerts as a standalone accessory or alongside other accessories you use every day: 

Some people want to train with the fewest accessories, or their nature of work makes it difficult to wear bracelets, and that’s fine. Find the best form of medical ID that you’ll be comfortable using throughout the day. 

What Should Be on Your Medical ID 

This functional medical accessory generally contains information you want emergency responders to know right away, such as:

Consider using common medical abbreviations (e.g., there are too many conditions to list, the medication name is too long) to utilize the space provided.

It is challenging to convey a complicated medical history at first glance and with limited space, so opt to engrave a link to ROAD iD’s website, where your online profile containing your pertinent medical information is accessible by first responders. Learn more about creating this profile here

How to Create Your Road iD Medical Alert ID

You can personalize and customize each ROAD iD emergency medical IDs. Get started with these simple steps:

  1. Choose how you want to wear your ROAD iD (e.g., wrist, neck, shoe, smartwatch). We’ll choose “wrist” or bracelet for this guide. 
  2. Choose your medical alert ID style: Elite, Sport, and Stretch. Here is a summary of their key features (subject to change):

Style        Pricing (starts at)    Features

Elite        $39.99            Trim-to-fit silicone band with a secure-

                     locking stainless steel clasp

Sport         $29.99            A sporty silicone pin-and-tuck closure or a comfy

                     nylon loop with velcro closure

Stretch        $24.99            A simple, durable, stretchy band with our rugged,

                     raised-edge stainless steel faceplate 


Choosing Elite and clicking the customize button will take you to options for personalization. One is the preferred size for the faceplate: 13 millimeters with five lines of text or 19 millimeters with six lines of text. Another is the metal finish—choose rose gold, slate, or graphite. More colors and add-ons like the medic badge are also available. 

  1. Scroll down this page for more options or browse this catalog.  

How to Care for Your Emergency Medical Alert Bracelet

ROAD iD emergency medical IDs are designed for daily use and feature stainless-steel ID plates and silicone bands.

Wash it on a regular basis with warm water and mild soap. Follow the care instructions that came with your ROAD iD medical alert bracelet to keep the band clean and hygienic. 

Keep safe and wear your medical ID bracelet. Shop our selection today.