Medical ID that Doesn't Suck

Your ID should show who you are - and you’re pretty awesome.  

Ways to wear

“I have been using you guys for as long as I can remember (over 10 years) and you’re freaking awesome. Love your products and customer service.”

- Lauren H.

"I was wondering if the item would be an effective alternative to typical Medical ID bracelets - ABSOLUTELY! It fits securely on my watch band, is very sturdy, and people notice it." 

- Steven W. 

“Rather stylish for a medical alert ID. Thank you!” 

- MaryLynn Z.

“I just want something that if I have a heart attack in the middle of the crosswalk, somebody will be able to know what’s going on with my stupid heart. Thank you for everything you do for people like me.”

- Kimberly H.

First Responders look for ID

We're always looking for "How do we ID this person" and any program that makes that a little easier is a home run

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