Keep your kids safe and alert various caretakers, teachers, and medical staff of their allergies.

An allergy alert bracelet is easy for kids to slip on before they leave for school, a sports tournament, an outing with friends, a field trip, or any other event or activity that you can’t attend.

Complete with their name, your phone number, any allergies, and their medical information; you can rest assured that when wearing a medical alert bracelet, your child will be safe and well cared for in the event of an emergency.

Our medical bracelets are sized specifically for kids, so they will fit comfortably and kids will forget they have them on. Each allergy bracelet offers guaranteed engraving for life and comes in a variety of bright, fun colors that kids like wearing and that will easily alert caretakers and medical responders.

Medical ID bracelets can keep kids with any allergy, no matter how severe, safe. Each allergy bracelet at ROAD iD is designed to help medical staff with accurate diagnosis and treatment based on your child’s allergy situation.

Keeping kids safe and ensuring they receive appropriate care in an emergency can be as simple as providing them with a medical bracelet from ROAD iD.