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After 18 years, it finally happened.  I ended up in the hospital after a bad cycling accident.  Without warning, a car made a left turn in front of my riding partner and me.  In our attempt to miss the car, I went down hard.  My helmet received most of the impact and I lost consciousness..... - Rocky R. / Pittsburgh, PA Continue Reading

the Wrist ID Elite


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The Wrist ID Elite just might be the sexiest ID in the Road ID lineup. With the choice of a silicone or leather band and watch-style buckle, this sleek ID has you covered on the bike, in the boardroom and everywhere in-between. It's perfect for all of your outdoor activities and knows how to play it cool at formal events. With the Elite, you get valuable peace of mind with a look that’s just right for everyday wear. Yes, we know, it's a bit more expensive. But, when you put it on, you'll know why you spent the extra money. Get your Wrist ID Elite today...your life may depend on it. One size fits all.

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The Wrist ID Elite is one size fits all. The silicone and leather bands can be trimmed (with scissors) to achieve an optimal fit

Specs: ID Plate
Weight 0.234 ounce
Material Laser Engraved, Satin Polished, Surgical Quality Stainless Steel
Interchangeable Yes.
Dimensions .75" X 1.125"
Specs: Silicone Band
Sizes One size fits all. The Wrist ID Elite is fully adjustable. Click Here for instructions.
Weight 0.50 ounces
Materials Fashionable Silicone Compound (latex free)
Width .75"
Water Resistant The Wrist ID Elite (with silicone band) is fresh and saltwater safe. We like to say it is hydrophilic". If you paid attention in biology class, you'll remember that hydrophilic means "water lover".
Specs: Leather Band
Sizes One size fits all. The Wrist ID Elite is fully adjustable. Click Here for instructions.
Weight 0.25 ounces
Materials Chrome Oil Tanned Leather
Width .75"
Leather Band Care Instructions
  1. Your leather band will change (aka evolve) over time. Treat it roughly to add a bit of character. Treat it very roughly if you're after the "cowpoke's old boots" look.
  2. Every 6 months or so, treat your band with a protective liniment. We recommend leathermilk.com.
  3. When needed, clean your leather band with water (no soaps), and allow to dry before wearing.
  4. In general, salt water is a bad idea. If you take it for an ocean swim, soak it in fresh water for 24 hours and allow it to dry completely before wearing.

Of course! Below we provide text suggestions for both Original and Interactive versions.


If ordering for someone else, simply build the ID with their information. Gift options are available during checkout. Don't know what to engrave on their ID? Gift Cards are a great option.

If ordering an Interactive Version, you may have questions about the Emergency Response System. We've answered these questions here.

Of course! All of our products come with a genuine satisfaction guarantee. In addition to this, the ID tag (the stainless steel part of the ID) has a lifetime guarantee. If you are tough enough to wear your Road ID out, then we will replace it at no charge. I challenge you to destroy them (through natural wear - gunshots and hand grenades don't count).

Always remember that wearing ID is important for everyone in your family that enjoys the great outdoors.

The Wrist ID Elite has a stainless steel push-button clasp, similar to what you find on designer watches. You simply press the two buttons to open the clasp. Then, slide the band over your wrist and close the clasp. It's that easy.

The Wrist ID Elite is made from a fashionable silicone compound, and is completely latex free.

Yes, but it is not recommended. If you must, fresh water is your best bet. Allow it to dry naturally before wearing. Chlorine and salt water are pretty rough on leather, but if you must, we recommend soaking your band in fresh water for 24 hours afterward and allowing to dry naturally before wearing.
Like most leather, our leather bands need some maintenance every once in awhile. You should treat your leather band with a protective liniment every six months or so to keep it looking fresh. We recommend www.leathermilk.com.
When needed, clean your leather band with fresh water (no soaps), and allow it to completely dry before wearing.
Your leather band will change (evolve) over time. Treat it roughly to add a bit of character. Slight scuffs/nicks are normal, and the band may stretch a bit and become more "floppy" over time. This is normal with most leather products.
Another Happy Customer
"I love your products, and friends have commented on what a great idea the IDs are. I always give them your website and encourage them to get one for themselves or their families. Keep up the good work! Also I love the variety of colors. Thanks!"
Marie D. / Rosemount, MN