Custom ID and Dog Tag Necklaces

Dog Tag Necklace

Identification has been worn around the neck since before necks were even a thing. So it seemed only natural to offer a diverse selection of ID necklaces and custom dog tags to round out our collection of personalized dog tag necklaces for people from all different walks of life.

Our FIXX ID harkens back to the classic military dog tag design that you’ve seen for decades. Classically cool with its distinct look, the dog tag packs a punch and looks awesome doing it.

A personalized dog tag is a solid choice for a unique, pendant-style necklace that contains your important medical information. Include any allergies, medical conditions, and emergency contacts on your necklace to ensure you receive proper care if you ever need urgent medical attention.

Each personalized dog tag is comprised of stainless steel and is available in multiple finishes. If you're looking for actual Dog ID tags (for your dog), look no further.