Why Our Cycling Group Wears ROAD iD

The day Daniel crashed was pretty typical as far as training rides go. Our group was on a 50 mile ride to the coast when we turned down a side road that's a favorite among the guys for its fast Strava segment. It had been raining so the road was a little slick. 

Daniel took off up front and disappeared around the corner. When we caught back up to him, he was lying on the side of the road with his bike on top of him. No car. No sign of what had gone wrong. He'd broken his collarbone and had abrasions on his hands, legs, and shoulder. He was conscious but kept asking us the same three questions: Did you stop my watch? What happened? Is my bike ok? 

We called an ambulance, but none of us knew how to get ahold of his wife. Daniel had surgery, recovered quickly, and is back on his bike training for his first Ironman. But it could have ended differently. He bought a ROAD iD soon after and wears it every day. So do I. So do a lot of us who were on that ride that day.

Words and Photos courtesy of Brittany Bevis