Who is going to speak for you if you can't?

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

Moments are precious when your life is on the line!  From experience, I know that a Road ID is the best gift you will ever give yourself and your family members.  Not long ago, I was training with a running group.  We were doing a fairly easy 3-4 mile evening run.  Off the road, away from cars (the most feared opponent), we stayed together in small groups.

About one mile into the run, I started having a little trouble breathing and coughed a few times.  Another 1/2 mile later I had a metallic taste in my mouth. I knew I was in serious trouble when my face started to go numb from my neck up.  My tongue and lips started to swell and I could no longer breathe easily.  My inhaler was useless.

Fortunately, my running partner was able to call for help.  With the assistance of another team mate, I made it back to the starting area.  By this time my tongue was so swollen I was not able to talk clearly.  I was very scared as they rushed me off to the emergency room.  My face was numb and I could hardly breathe or talk.  Through tears, I tried to tell the triage nurse my name, DOB, emergency contact info...trying to decipher what I was saying slowed down the triage process and my admittance to the hospital.

I had an Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis (EIA), a severe allergic reaction while running.  After blood work, it was determined I was allergic to buckwheat...one of the ingredients in the cereal I had eaten earlier that day.

I will never go out again without wearing my Road ID.  Hopefully I will never need it.  But if I do, I want first responders to know that I carry EpiPen and an Inhaler and I want them to know how to contact my family immediately.

- Misti .P from Fair Oaks, CA