WHO are you?

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I've been a police officer for 14 years. My experience during these years is that the two major components in getting through any emergency situation is to know WHERE it is and WHO are the victims. The what, how and when will come later. However, it's the WHO that is a big variable. In our society your identification is everything. We carry it with us everywhere we go. So, why do we stop carrying ID when we run, cycle, walk, hike, ski, roller blade, etc.? It's not because we can't get hurt when we exercise. On the contrary, as outdoor athletes, our exercise can be very dangerous.

From my time as a Police Officer, I have a hundred “war stories” that turned out more difficult simply because I knew nothing about the victim.

In the past, I never carried ID when I rode my bike off duty. Now, I wear Road ID every time I ride. In fact, I now give Road IDs as gifts to my friends and family. Now, when my loved ones hit the roads and trails I don't worry about the WHO.

- Ron .B from Hilliard, OH