When my husband went down, the EMS had my number

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

The first time my husband had a cardiac arrest at the gym, he was a "John Doe" in the hospital for hours.  This experience, although unfortunate, made us realize the importance of wearing ID at all times.  When it happened again, the EMS responders were able to notify me before he was even transported to the hospital...because of the information on his Road ID.  While we hoped to never use it, his ID proved to be a wise investment!

My husband is doing amazingly well- truly miraculously per the doctors- and we count our blessings daily.  We are now spreading the word about your products to anyone who will listen.  Our daughters wear them when they exercise, our friends at work got them for their small children, and even my boss ordered one for himself and his wife!  I am forever grateful for your product.

- Jennifer .N from Scottsdale, AZ