Wearing My ROAD iD 24/7 Was Already a Practice I Followed, but Now I Have a Few!

I went into status epilepticus in the shower last July for hours until my roommate called 911 for me. Thanks to the information on my ROAD iD, the EMTs had the number to call my husband, and the ICU immediately knew what my medication allergies and current seizure and pain medications were.

The information on my ID told them enough information to begin treating me until my husband could help them get all the information needed to find my chart at the trauma center.

Wearing my ROAD iD 24/7 was already a practice I followed, but now I have a few! One for each arm, one around my neck, and one each attached to my purse and backpack! Thank you, ROAD iD, for making such eye catching and easy to read in emergency situations bracelets/dog tags!

- Cassie