The right place, the right time, wearing Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I want to tell you my story by sharing with you excerpts from a wonderful note that I received following my accident. Here it is:  "Hello Doug...My name is Shelley and I helped work on you yesterday near the finish line.  I was right behind you when you went down.  I guess you were in the right place at the right time.  Two ER nurses, a cardiologist, an ER physician and me, a CRNA were able to provide you immediate, lifesaving treatment.  I want you to know that your Road ID Bracelet was very helpful to us.  I plan on getting one, after seeing and using your Road ID.  I know many prayers were said for you by people at the race.   I just wanted to touch base with you and hope that you are OK.  Shelley S."

Words cannot express my gratitude for the help I received when I was nearing the 10K finish line and my heart decided to go into V-Fib.  I vividly remember being unable to speak and pointing to my Road ID as I lay on the side of the road.

My racing days are over, but I still plan to enjoy running.  Knowing my condition, I feel much safer running with my Road ID. Thank you for such a helpful product.

- Doug .O from Platte City, MO