He could not ID himself but the Road ID did

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

My husband  has been a customer for a few years and has several bands, he wears one EVERY DAY. Monday late afternoon he was involved in a horrible accident, his gravel dump truck load shifted and he ended up being pushed a half mile on his side and gravel filled the cab of truck. He was crushed inside, first responders used the jaws of life to remove him. My husband was wearing his Road ID with all of his important information. Because they knew where he was from, he was airlifted to a hospital closer to home.  The First Responders /Med Flight Crew were able to locate me from the contact information on his Road ID, and I was able to head to the ER and arrived when the Medical Flight arrived.  I work in admissions at a hospital and get asked "what are you wearing..." about my own Road ID many times a week. Now when I explain to people what my Road ID is, I can add that it was the same kind that helped my husband when he had an accident. My husband had a broken neck, broken shoulder, clavicle, lung chest wall bruising and concussion, he could not ID himself but the Road ID that spoke for him did.

- Karen .S from Covington, KY