The First Responders told me they were impressed

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

Last November, just as I had left to meet up with my group for a cold, early-morning ride, a teenage girl made a right turn directly in front of me. Luckily, she had nearly slowed to a stop before turning, so the only speed in the accident was mine at about 20 mph. I hit her car with my body and my face hit the ground,with my bike in a tangled mess under her car. I was fortunate enough to stay conscious, but my face was so beat up that the First Responders had a hard time understanding anything I said.

As they peeled-off layers of clothes, they discovered my Road ID, which allowed them to contact my husband, who was able to arrive quickly. The First Responders even told me they were impressed that I ride with my blood type on my ID, even though it was thankfully not necessary. I ended up getting 10 stitches in my chin that was busted all the way to the bone.

The other night at a team practice, my teammates were giving me grief about my ridiculous Road ID tan. Despite being labeled as "an ultimate tri geek" for never taking it off, I will continue to wear it always. Thanks, again!

- Elizabeth .W from Fort Collins, CO