The EMTs thanked me for having a Road ID

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

While on a recent trip to Oregon, I ran into some trouble. I actually suffered a minor stroke and went down hard. My wife immediately called 911. On the way to the ER, the EMTs thanked me for having a Road ID. My wife was with me, but they were able to pull up my medications and other info using my Interactive ID.

The ER staff utilized my Emergency Response Profile as well. My Road ID saved me from answering a thousand questions, and it was able to give them my correct medications. It saved a lot of time during the admission process as well, and they were even able to print out my profile and call my doctors at home. 

What a relief it was to have. I won't be without it when I am on the road or just traveling. My Road ID worked as advertised and lowered the stress levels for everyone involved. 

Thank you for a wonderful product and service!

- Rich .O from Seal Beach, CA