I was rendered unconscious immediately…

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

I have been cycling for over 30 years, and I have had my share of mishaps, but I could always attribute the cause to something I did. This time was different, and I never heard it coming. In this situation, “it” was a large pickup truck traveling 60 mph. His side-view mirror hit me on the back of my helmet, and I was rendered unconscious immediately. I came to just as they were loading me into the ambulance. 

I am so thankful that I was wearing my Road ID. It provided the paramedics my name, medical information, and my emergency contact numbers. My family was alerted right away. I constantly urge my friends to use Road ID -- not only is it important if someone has a significant medical issue, but being in the medical field myself, I know it is also very important to know if someone does not have medical issues. 

To me, wearing a Road ID is no different than putting on a helmet – both are so critical and important. 

Thank you for Road ID!

- Joan .B from Modesto, CA