The driver didn't even see me

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I was hit head on by a car while out riding my bike.  The driver ran through a 4 way stop and never saw me... I smashed right through his windshield.  I was knocked unconscious briefly, and the impact destroyed my bike, my jersey and bibs.  The one thing that survived the accident was my Road ID.  It was all scratched up, but it still did its job.  When I came to, I couldn't remember any of my vital information but, there it was strapped to my wrist on my Road ID. The EMTs were able to get everything they needed... they were so impressed with your product!

Next to my helmet, I honestly believe my Wrist ID is the best piece of personal protective equipment I have ever purchased for cycling.
  Since the accident, I've been telling everyone in my cycling club that they have to order a Road ID.  Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product.

- Jeremy .B from Jackson, TN