Thankfully, I was wearing my Road ID!

To be honest, I never wanted to have my own Road ID story to tell.
To be honest, I never wanted to have my own Road ID story to tell. I was just seven weeks from Ironman CDA, when I was doing a track workout at about 10PM. Hey, you've got to get the training in whenever you can. It was totally dark. As I ran the last lap of my last interval, I stepped off the inside of the track. I went flying head first and hit the ground hard. The crunching and popping sounds I heard turned out to be my left shoulder being severely dislocated. Oh sure, I tried to throw it back into place (just like in the movies). A very, very bad idea. Even more pain. What now?

I had to ask a stranger for a ride. By the time I got to the hospital emergency room, all the muscles in my shoulder and back were in spasm. Just breathing sent stabs of pain through my body. I could barely walk upright. Once inside, the ER nurse asked me a flurry of questions: name, phone, address, known allergies, etc. I struggled to answer her questions in the fog and fear of the moment. So I pulled my Road ID off my ankle, handed it to the nurse, and slumped into the wheelchair.

The good news is that after seven weeks of intensive rehab, I was still able to compete and finish the Ironman in 14:06. Thanks Edward and Mike for providing that added bit of security every time I head out the door!

- Scott .W from Frisco, TX