The EMTs were able to use my RoadID to sort out who I was

by ROAD iD Staff May 14, 2021

Thank you! I've had a Road ID since you guys offered them, and they really work. I got hit by a car and every time the EMT asked me something, I just waved my wrist at him. Could have been the concussion... ;)I got hit by a car while road riding back on Oct 11 2013. It was a hit and run, and I was only 0.2 miles from my house. Neighbors heard me scream and called 911. I sustained road rash on my low back, hands, shoulder, and knees, a minor concussion, a black eye, and two teeth got knocked out. In my concussive state, I couldn't communicate clearly, so the EMTs used my RoadID. I don't remember much else except refusing to let them cut off my sports bra which remains one of my favorites.

Last spring, I went over the handle bars of my mtb and somehow managed to tear two muscles in my rotator cuff clean off the bone. Other riders called the park ranger, but I had to walk out for about 45 minutes in rain turned into snow until he intercepted me. By the time the ambulance arrived, the cold was trending to hypothermia, and the adrenaline wore off, and the pain was overwhelming. Again, the EMTs were able to use my RoadID to sort out who I was and how to treat me.

I wear my RoadID whenever I ride road or mt, and I started wearing it when I ride my motorcycle, too. :)

- Elizabeth