I have ridden with a Road ID for years and never thought i would need it

by ROAD iD Staff May 14, 2021

The scene: A retired old fart that loves to ride and hike is out walking in Northern California woods near his home. He checks the time, "Damn. Italian class starts in 30 minutes. I better take a faster route back." He follows a deer track only to encounter some large boulders. Rather than routing around them, he climbs the first one, steps down to the second one only to " lose traction, falls backward and the trailing leg gets jammed in the 'V' between the boulders breaking his leg and ankle while leaving him hanging above the ground. An awkward predicament. "Sheesh. "Now what?" he thinks while invoking all those forbidden phrases his mom said never to use. After a painfully long struggle, he frees the offending limb letting him fall to the earth. Trying to stand, he nearly passes out and falls to his sorry butt, scoots an 1/8th of a mile through the brush to a creek. Using his Apple watch, calls for EMT help who locate and haul him out. Thankfully, his Apple Watch has his Road ID plate attached and has the critical info the hospital needs.
"Who'da thunk it?" I have ridden with a Road ID for years and never thought i would need it walking but life sometimes provides one with little surprises. Experience is a great teacher. I'm even considering wearing it in the shower! Wear the Road ID and give yourself a little edge!

- Dan