She was gone in a split second

by ROAD iD Staff May 21, 2021

Our family recently took a trip to the Philadelphia Auto Show, and in a split second, one of our young daughters vanished. My husband and I searched around, and after a minute or two, began to panic. Auto show attendants saw us and helped us look for her in the hoards of people.

Moments later, my phone rang and it was a nicewoman who was working in a nearby section. My daughter approached her and said, "I can't find my mama and daddy, can you please call them?" She then showed her the Road ID which contained her name and our phone numbers. She only made it about 150 yard away from us, but had she not been wearing her Road ID, it could have taken much longer to resolve.

Thank you for making a useful product for both adults and kids!

- Allison .M from Havertown, PA