She Appeared to Be Lost and Injured

Earlier this year, my wife and I transferred to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We brought our Golden Retriever, Stella, along with us. I elected to get her a new Pet ID with our updated cell numbers and her microchip info.

About a week later, she was hit by a cyclist while we were walking around the city at night. Her leash broke and she took off running out of fear. We searched all night and spoke with numerous people who saw her running down the middle of a four lane road.

At 8am the next morning, I received a call from someone who had located Stella, saying she appeared to be lost and injured. We got to her in less than an hour and took her straight to the vet. She ended up having a collapsed lung due to the bike hitting her and running for five or six miles out of fear. She was given great care and is thankfully back to full health.

I want to personally thank you for such a great product. If Stella had not been wearing her Pet ID, we would still be looking for her and she likely would have passed away from her injuries. You saved the most important member of our family, and we are forever grateful.

-Michael T.