Running at the Pentagon without ID, no more!

by ROAD iD Staff May 18, 2021

I worked at the Pentagon for many years.  As a member of the Pentagon Officer's Athletic Center (POAC) many of us would run/jog on our lunch hour.  Our beautiful route would take us by the Arlington National Cemetery, past the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials and down the mall.  At one time we did not wear nor carry any form of identification.  The POAC's policy on ID changed due to the increased number of runners getting hit by cars or suffering heat related or cardiac emergencies.  Many of us were dressed only in running attire, with no identification and would be unable to respond to medics.  Running without ID became a general problem...but not any more.

ID should always be a part of our athletic gear.  I never run without my Road ID.

- David .S from Sachse, TX