Road ID was critical to my emergency care

by ROAD iD Staff May 22, 2021

A couple years back, I was out for a ride, exploring new territory after retiring and moving to Florida. I was 4 or 5 miles into my ride when I fell. Because I have amnesia from the accident, I have NO memory of the circumstances that led to the fall. An anonymous passerby made a call to 911 about an injured cycliston the road that needed assistance, and an ambulance was dispatched. When the EMTs arrived, I was found delirious by the side of the road, unable to assist them with anything. I soon thereafter faded into unconsciousness and was taken to a nearby hospital. 

The emergency personnel AND the hospital staff used my Road ID to retrieve all my necessary information, including the contact information for my wife, who was called and was able to meet me at the hospital right away. My Road ID was critical to the emergency care I received when I could not speak for myself. I have a permanent tan line on my right wrist where the Road ID always rests.

- Stan .Y from Sarasota, FL